6 Simple Steps to Automate Export and Import files from A360 CR using API.

Please note you should have required permission to View, Export and Import Bots. List of APIs required : 1.Authentication API. 2.Repository Management API. 3.BOT Life Cycle Management. Authentication API. For Reference : Step 1 : Authenticate  URI : {{ControlRoomURL}}v1/authentication Method : Post Body : { "username": "{{CR_username}}","password": "{{CR_password}}","apiKey" : "{{apiKey}}"} Header : Key : Content-Type , Value : application/json From response save token in one Variable. Repository Management API.   For Reference : Step 2 : List all the files present in Repository. URI : {{ControlRoomURL}}v2/repository/file/list Method

Migration of Credentials and its Attributes from AA v11 to A360 (A2019)

Before starting the post let me tell what all things are required if you want to Migrate Credentials and its Attributes from AA v11 to A360 (A2019) Basic Knowledge of API, Credential Details, Should be familiar with AA Control Room. You can Implement the below steps in your Task BOT.  1. Authenticate the user : Use the POST method to generate an authentication JSON Web Token. API: {url_AA v11}/v1/authentication Method : POST Request, Parameter : {"username": "username","password": "password"} Header : Content-Type : application/json Response : You will get many information from CR but you have to perform String Operation and Save Token in one variable which will use in Step 3. 2. Authenticate the user : Use the POST method to generate an authentication JSON Web Token and also save API Key in configuration file if your control room setup is single sign on and get this API key is your task bot. API: {url_AA vA360}/v1/authentication Method : POST Re

Have automate SAP Tree node using Vb script? and integrated it in Automation Anywhere?

 Below code will help you to achieve the same :             'Maximize SAP window session.findById("wnd[0]").maximize                      'Create variable of  Sending Output to atmx whether Folder is exist and opened or not D21 = "" D26 = ""          'Create object of Tree node   Set tree = session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/cntlSINWP_CONTAINER/shellcont/shell/shellcont[0]/shell")            'Create a object to get all Tree  nodes keys   Set coll = tree.GetAllNodeKeys()          'For loop to access all Element inside col1   For i = 0 to coll.Length - 1                    nodekey = coll.ElementAt(i)   nodeText = tree.GetNodeTextByKey(nodeKey)   WScript.Sleep 1000               ' Contains "Inbox" folder     if Instr(nodeText,"Inbox") Then                    'Expand Tree node   tree.expandNode nodeKey createobject("").popup "Node open", 3, nodeText, 64 'MsgBox "

How to Automate live running BOTs in Production Control Room of Automation Anywhere by BOT developed using AA Control API.

Design of Monitoring BOT :  Steps to first understand how it works using AA Control room API:  Note :  As a Control Room administrator or user with View and Manage Scheduled Activity permission, deploy bots and monitor the progress using a set of Control Room APIs. The Deploy and Monitor Bot APIs allow you to do the following: a. Retrieve details of a given bot from the server repository to identify the file ID to be used for bot deployment. b. Fetch a list of devices (bot runners) available for automation and the automation status. c. Deploy a bot on given device(s) and fetch its automation ID. d. Monitor the bot progress based on automation ID. All the below APIs you can integrate with Rest web service command of Automation Anywhere 1. Login to Control room      Authentication API API:  <Control room Url>/v1/authentication    Method : Post    Body :      {     "username": "asif_Shaikh",     "password": "abc@123"   }   Response :   { &quo

How to use Automation Anywhere APIs using Postman Application and How to get device status connected to Control Room.

Step 1 : You need to create Collection and Environment variable to use API (This is time consuming step you can just mail on i will provide files which you can directly import and just change Environment variable as it contains username, passwords and control room link) Step 2 : After importing files you will the below window. Step 3 : Make sure you have change your Environment Variable now your first step to access AA Control room using API is to get Authenticated and to get token which you can use to do different activities in control room using APIs.In URI you can see {{url}}and in body you can see {{username}}and {{password}} which you have entered in environment variable. Now click on Send button to get response from CR and there below you can see response you get in that Token and your user details are present. URI : {{url}}/v1/authentication Request body  :   {     "username":  "{{username}}",     "password": "{{pass

Passing Variable from Atmx to vbScript and vbScript to Amtx in Automation Anywhere.

Passing Variable from Atmx to vbScript and vbScript to Amtx in Automation Anywhere. To write in Atmx : - To write in VBscript : - Vbscript Code :  Dim VariableFromAtmx1 Dim VariableFromAtmx2 Dim VariableToAtmx VariableFromAtmx1 = WScript.Arguments.Item(0) VariableFromAtmx2 = WScript.Arguments.Item(1) MsgBox VariableFromAtmx1 & " " & VariableFromAtmx2 VariableToAtmx = "Test" Wscript.Stdout.Writeline(VariableToAtmx) Note :-  Use space to pass more then one variable from Atmx to script. Only one variable can be pass from Script to Atmx. if you want to pass more then one variable concatenate your value using separator in one variable then you can substring in Atmx. 😉 Asif Shaikh.

SAP Automation using SAP "Record and Playback feature" with Screenshots : Helpful for Implementation & Reference for Fresher and Experienced.

Hello Everyone, Guyz, comment your satisfaction or improvement should be done and do share the link. SAP Automation :- For SAP Automation you should have GUI Scripting Enabled. Where you can check GUI Scripting is enabled or not? Step 1 : Click on this Customize Local Layout (Alt+F2) button. Step 2 : Click on Option (New SAP window will Open shown in screenshot after step 5). Step 3 : Click on Accessibility & Scripting Left hand side. Step 4 : Click on Scripting sub option. Step 5 : Click on Enable Scripting if not enabled. Note : You can uncheck Notify checkbox because whenever you will run script a popup window will occur. Step 6 : Click on OK. And Still if you SAP GUI scripting is not working then, might be you have to enable it from server side . Step 1 : Enter Transaction "RZ11" Step 2 : Enter parameter name "sapgui/user_scripting" then click on display button. Step 3 : You can now able to see Display Profi